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Pillar Technologies in the News

Refurbish. Repair. Relax.

Hartland WI – Pillar Technologies – In this tight economy, companies must creatively stretch what little budget is available to ensure their packaging lines continue to run flawlessly throughout the year.

Pillar is offering to perform a complete analysis of any existing Pillar sealers. Upon receiving your machine at our factory we will assess the machine’s future viability, put together a complete refurbishment proposal and perform the rehabilitation in a timely manner upon acceptance of the offer. The “almost new” sealer carries a 90 day warranty and may last for many additional years.

Before buying that used Pillar induction sealer, contact us for support and application compatibility questions. After purchasing a used Pillar sealer have it sent directly to us for a complete analysis. We can refurbish it so you get the 90 day warranty that is not offered by used equipment dealers.

To take advantage of this refurbishment program or to get your equipment return authorization number, please call 262-912-7209

Cheryl Miller
Marketing Manager