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Pillar Technologies in the News

Novel Detecton/Inspection Device Improves Security on Tamper-Evident Induction Sealed Products

Hartland WI – Pillar Technologies – A new cap and bottle detection system has recently been introduced by Pillar Technologies. This elite system uses multiple optical sensors, a laser sensor, an encoder and microprocessor control from the induction sealer to search for missing foil, loose caps, crooked caps and stalled bottles.

This system provides the utmost protection against an unsealed product ever reaching the buying public. Advantages over previous detection systems include a more functional yet elementary set-up, external indicators for easier sensor alignment and a completely integrated induction sealer and detection package.

In conjunction with the detection package, Pillar Technologies offers a deluxe stacked light option that provides visual and audible alarms cautioning the operator of a potentially unsealed product. A pneumatic reject mechanism kicks off defective caps/bottles promoting 100% accurately sealed results by proactively searching for rejects to verify they have been removed from the packaging line.

For more information on Pillar’s full line of induction cap sealer systems, features, benefits and optional equipment, please contact Pillar direct: 1-888-PILLAR-6 (745-5276) or e-mail