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Pillar Technologies in the News

Missing Foil, Loose Cap, Stalled Bottle Detection System

New reject mechanism to complement our Unifoiler line of waterless cap sealers

Pillar recently introduced a new item to complement our Unifoiler line of waterless sealers. We have produced a missing foil, loose cap, stalled bottle detection system for many years. We now have the capability to reject the bottles with missing foil or loose cap. The reject mechanism is an air actuated cylinder that is controlled by the microprocessor in the induction sealer. During set up and operation encoder signals are sent to the microprocessor where they are stored for later use. When a faulty bottle is encountered the processed signal is sent to the reject where it is kicked to the reject shelf provided. The reject signal delay and duration are set by the customer to perform their respective actions when required. The reject is incorporated into our detection system mounting hardware so minimal mounting of components by the customer to his conveyor is required. Please contact us to determine suitablity of this reject for your product.