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Pillar Technologies in the News

Induction sealing systems used in hot-fill applications

Hartland WI – Pillar Technologies – Pillar is leading technology in induction sealing systems used in hot-fill applications. When hot-filling using plastic bottles, it is imperative to use the proper induction sealing head (coil), as well as ensuring your seal and bottle itself are completely compatible. When it comes to hot-fill processes combined with induction sealing, we have answers.

Pillar’s technologically advanced induction sealing systems empower packagers to seal hot-fill applications from 10 to 120mm closure diameters. The key in hot-fill is the coil. As our sealing heads are interchangeable, you can revert from a Universal coil to a Channel coil in a matter of seconds, allowing you to seal any type of closure, hot-fill or cold-fill, with the same base power supply (inverter).

The output power of the induction sealer is also a major factor. Pillar’s power supplies (inverters) range from 1000 watts all the way up to 6000 watts depending on model; providing the most versatile range of induction sealing inverters on the market today. Recognizing the need to conserve space, Pillar’s most requested waterless Unifoiler is about 1/3 the size of most conventional water-cooled systems.

For more information, please contact Pillar direct: 1-888-PILLAR-6 (745-5276) or e-mail