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Pillar Technologies in the News

FDA Approved Tamper-Evidence

Pillar Technologies’ waterless induction sealing systems meet or exceed government regulations

Hartland WI – Pillar Technologies – With the FDA clamping down on regulations concerning tamper-resistant packaging, pharmaceutical packagers must find ways to comply as outlined in Sec. 450.500 Tamper-Resistant Packaging Requirements for Certain Over-the-Counter (OTC) Human Drug Products (CPG 7132a.17) BACKGROUND. This can be found on the FDA web site under Compliance Policy Guides.

Pillar Technologies’ waterless “Unifoiler” and water-cooled “Foiler” induction sealing systems meet or exceed these government regulations. As stated in section 6 of Packaging Systems:

“…. 6. CONTAINER MOUTH INNER SEALS. Paper, thermal plastic, plastic film, foil, or a combination thereof, is sealed to the mouth of a container (e.g., bottle) under the cap. The seal must be torn or broken to open the container and remove the product. The seal cannot be removed and reapplied without leaving visible evidence of entry. Seals applied by heat induction to plastic containers appear to offer a higher degree of tamper-resistance than those that depend on an adhesive to create the bond. …”

Pillar’s technologically advanced induction sealing systems empower packagers to seal from 10 to 120mm closures at record breaking conveyor line speeds. As our sealing heads are interchangeable, you can revert from a Universal coil to a Channel coil in a matter of seconds, allowing you to seal any type of closer with the same base power supply (inverter). Options include missing foil/loose cap/stalled bottle/loss of seal/detection packages; auto reject mechanism; deluxe audible and visual alarm system; IQ/OQ verification (highly recommended for pharmaceutical applications); in-feed bottle stop and much more.

Power supply sizes range from 1000 watts all the way up to 6000 watts depending on model; providing the most versatile range of induction sealing inverters on the market today. Recognizing the need to conserve space, Pillar’s most requested waterless Unifoiler is about 1/3 the size of most conventional water-cooled systems.

For more information, please contact Pillar direct at: 888-PILLAR-6 (745-5276) or e-mail