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Pillar Technologies in the News

Innovative Air Cooling - Flexible And Effective

We've been enhancing our proven air-cooled range of Unifoiler induction sealing systems to offer an even more reliable and proven alternative to traditional water-cooled systems. Comprising a variety of units suitable for low speed applications through to systems for automated, high speed packaging lines, the Unifoiler range provides high spec, air-cooled technology at affordable prices.

Our Unifoiler is available with hand-held, tunnel and Universal coils, enabling it to be used with a wide variety of closure sizes and styles. Most of our customers find the flexibility of the Universal coil to be a great benefit as it can be used to seal all flat closure sizes from 15mm to 120mm. The Universal coil is a particular benefit when more than one diameter of closure is to be sealed on a single line, but it is equally at home sealing one diameter day in, day out.

Our Unifoiler™ range can be supplied with a mobile cart with leveling pads, or mounted over a conveyor to fit the customer's exact specification. In this way you have a choice between ultimate flexibility with a machine that can easily be moved between lines, or a more compact fixed mounting which takes up very little space but cannot be moved easily.

Power ratings for the induction sealers are from 1Kw to 4Kw, making them suitable for laboratory, research and development and semi and fully automatic use. A range of options is available, for example the detection package which is capable of detecting faults such as missing foils, containers stalled under the sealing head of incorrectly applied closures. These serve to add further security to an already reliable induction sealing process.

Based on a modular construction, the Unifoiler™ range is designed to make it easy to install, operate and maintain. Furthermore, each system has been developed to offer users a particularly flexible approach to induction sealing through the way we have designed our sealing coils and with the hand-held 1Kw version being easily upgradeable to an automatic unit.