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Pillar Coils

The UNIFOILER™ cap sealer offers interchangeable sealing coils changing from manual to conveyor style, or from Universal to Tunnel, in a matter of seconds. Our sealing coils are independent from our power supplies for ease of changeover and regular maintenance. Pillar’s coils are repairable. A repair price can be as low as $150 vs. a replacement coil priced over $3,000. Our repairs are generally one-half of the price of new coils.

Our FOILER™ water-cooled cap sealing systems also have interchangeable sealing heads, from flat to universal to tunnel/channel coils

The newest basic hand held sealer has two different sealing coil sizes for manual production runs. They can both be run with the same power supply (variably), allowing you to seal virtually any size or style cap with one unit. The smaller coil features a removable plug to seal dispensing caps!

  • Universal coils seal standard flat or CRC caps from 15-120mm
  • Tunnel/channel coils come in 12 different sizes depending on the outer diameter of your dispensing cap
  • Flat coils are specific to the Foiler™ water-cooled systems and are sized by outer cap diameter
  • Basic hand held seals from 12-120mm caps (two coil choices), for most all cap sizes/styles
  • The Unifoiler-H hand held system seals from 15-89mm flat or CRC caps

Universal Coils (seal 15-120mm)

Tunnel Coils (12 sizes to choose from)

Unifoiler-H manual sealing

Semi-Automatic Sealing

Hand held coil for dispensing caps

Hand held coil plugged for flat caps

Two size hand held coils to seal from 12-120mm

Manual sealing of dispensing caps