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Pillar Technologies Surface Treaters Announces New Sales Relationship with C.C. Steven & Associates

Hardland, WI (January 2024) - The Pillar Technologies Surface Treatment team is thrilled to announce the addition of its new Sales Representative, C.C. Steven & Associates.

Located in Camarillo, California, C.C. Steven & Associates has been solving static mitigation challenges, offering manufacturing solutions, and specializing in Particle Capture System products since 1978. They specialize in producing workable answers to customers' most difficult challenges for controlling static electricity and particulates in a wide range of industries.

Currently, C.C. Steven & Associates represents a wide variety of reputable manufacturers like Simco-ION, ITW Vortec, Trek and Advanced Energy Instrumentation, Metro Material Handling, and many more. Moving forward in 2024 with Pillar Technologies, they will act as the new Surface Treatment Sales Representative for the following states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah.

The C.C. Steven & Associates’ experienced, technical sales team is led by President, Stephen C. Carfaro Jr., who has over 35 years of industry experience. Their outside technical sales team consists of the following:

  • Fawn Kirkpatrick will cover Northern California, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada
  • Ryan Parker will be in charge of covering Orange County, San Diego County, and Arizona
  • Bethany Carfaro will be covering Ventura County and Santa Barbara County, as well as Marketing and Website Sales

"We look forward to representing Pillar Technologies and growing our business together," says Stephen Carfaro, President of C.C. Steven & Associates.

To learn more about what C.C. Steven & Associates has to offer, visit their website, or contact us to get a quote today, To find a Surface Treatment Sales Representative near you, try out the Pillar Technologies Rep Locator on our website.

About ITW Air Management: Part of the global ITW Organization, ITW Air Management is made u of two brands that provide expert air solutions for a variety of industrial application needs. ITW Air Management is comprised of Paxton Products (founded in 1950) and Vortec (founded in 1961). With over six decades of industrial manufacturing experience, ITW Air Management provides expertly designed solutions that improve efficiency and increase productivity.

About Pillar Technologies: Located in Hartland, WI, Pillar Technologies is part of the global ITW Organization and is made up of two brands, Pillar Technologies Induction Sealers and Pillar Technologies Surface Treatment. Pillar Technologies Induction Sealers provide superior bottle cap sealing solutions for packaging applications. Pillar Technologies Surface Treatment provides innovative products that promote adhesion to surfaces when printing, coating, or laminating