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Types of Electrode Assemblies for Corona Treating Systems

All Corona Treating Systems are made up of two components: the power source and the treater station. Electrode Assemblies are found in the treater station and are used to discharge the corona to the material being treated. When it comes to Corona Treaters, there are three different types of electrode assemblies that are offered to supply into your treater station.

  • Stainless Steel Segmented Electrodes
  • Stainless Steel Finned Electrodes
  • Ceramic Round or Square Electrodes

Stainless steel segmented electrodes (available in 3 mm, 6 mm, 12,5 mm) allow operators using dielectric covered rolls the flexibility to treat various web widths and “lane” treat while achieving higher treat levels. Users can select which sections of the material are to be treated on a case by case basis by adjusting the width of the treat lanes with these stainless steel segmented electrodes.

Stainless Steel Segmented Electrodes

Stainless steel finned electrodes are used in conjunction with dielectric covered ground rolls for high efficient treatment of non-conductive materials with a fixed width or lane treatment requirement.

Stainless Steel Finned Electrodes

Ceramic round or square electrodes are designed for converters looking to treat metallized, thin, or sensitive substrates utilizing either bare roll or dual-dielectric surface treatment technology. The choice between round or square ceramic electrodes depends on the customers unique application need.

Ceramic Square Electrodes Ceramic Round Electrodes

Watch the video on these Electrode Assemblies:


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