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PSI (Preferred Systems, Inc.)


Pillar Technologies, worldwide Manufacturer of corona treating equipment, came to the rescue for OEM Preferred Systems Inc. (PSI), Hartford, WI makers of coaters, laminators, unwinds, rewinds, dryers, and between color dryers.

The problem PSI faced developed when their customer application demanded user-friendly corona treaters with the flexibity to treat PE, PP, BOPP, OPP, PET, LLDPE and Nylon, while operating at 1,100 fpm line speeds, achieving a consistent 44-dyne level. And they needed “built-in” capability of expanding the treating application in the future – all in one system! The cure, source out a corona treating manufacturer whose equipment was designed with the versatility to do satisfy every one of PSI’s customer needs.

Jeff Otto, President and CEO, PSI, explains, “Factor in all of our customer requirements and now try to find a corona treater that retrofits smoothly into our system design with an easy install. Basically, we needed a corona treater with extreme flexibility, compact and virtually effortless, with room for growth. Pillar was the only company that could accomplish all of this and more.”

The solution was found in Pillar Technologies’ Universal bare roll corona treater, coupled with their new, high-powered P6000 power supply. Pillar’s Universal treater and P6000 power supply went beyond PSI’s needs by offering the only treater on the market with a patented modular interchangeable electrode assembly. What that provides is the versatility to treat any substrate with just one station. The Universal system can be configured to run bare roll, covered roll or dual-dielectric by means of it’s unique patented electrode design. The P6000 power supply provides the best industry turn-down ratio to meet all power densities required.

Otto explained he liked Pillar’s system features a micrprocessor-based diagnostics program that literally walks the end-user through any troubleshooting situation. Standard Systems include easy air gap adjust, pneumatic electrode thread-up for on-line maintenance, easy roll removal, dynamically balanced treater rolls, a variety of roll coverings and 4 separate interchangeable electrode configurations to treat any substrate. These key features were compactly packaged in an effective program giving incredible value to the PSI end-user.

“It’s all about customer satisfaction,” explains Otto at a recent interview at CMM’99 in Chicago, where the order was confirmed on a ‘handshake’. “Our customer is relying on us (PSI) to give them the highest quality product to meet their specific needs. Pillar continually demonstrated their willingness to work with us, and offered solutions for our customer prior to the sale.” Tests were performed in the Pillar Technologies research and development lab, Hartland, Wisconsin, which proved positive for PSI.

Although superior machinery performance may have clinched the sale, PSI was also impressed with the level of professionalism that Pillar displayed. Optimizing on their after-sale theory of “customers first”, Pillar’s standard comprehensive service program ensures PSI will have 24 hour ‘direct from the factory support’ 365 days a year. “The price tag of the equipment is directly related to the long-term price paid when you have unresponsive service. We know Pillar will meet or exceed our expectations,” says Otto.

OEM’s like PSI have found the Universal effortless in installation, compact, and can be easily retrofitted onto various locations on their line. This flexibility gives PSI the comfort in knowing they can confidently provide Pillar’s Universal station and P6000 series to any customer, regardless of the specification, while providing optimum quality and aftermarket support.