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New Treater Helps Operation Diversify

Columbus, OH-based Univenture Inc., a manufacturer of disc packaging, is branching out into printing, "So we will be flexible enough to morph and change and meet our customers' needs," comments David Coho, director of sales.

The Columbus operation's latest venture into adaptability is supported by its 16 1/2-in.-wide Chromas Instaflex flexo press, which is equipped with a Pillar corona treater.

According to Mark Kuhn, Univenture's flexo lead pressman at Columbus, the operation acquired the Chromas Aquaflex Instaflex press in October 1999. the eight-color, ultraviolet press is designed to run 500 fpm, is equipped with two die stations, and can print the gamut of substrates, says Kuhn, "from a one-mil film up to about a ten-point paperboard as well as labels and all pressure-sensitives," he adds.

About a year ago, says Kuhn, the operation determined a new corona treater was in order. "We were a demo facility for Chromas. They offered us an alternative when the original equipment failed to perform," Kuhn reports. "So, we swapped the treating system with a Pillar system." According to Kuhn, the Pillar system has been "perfect" for the operation. "I spend less time making corrective actions, and I have more flexibility to focus on the printing job."

The Pillar system is self-contained, he adds, making it easier to service and clean. However, servicing the treater is something he hasn't had to deal with yet. "Pillar does have service tech lines, though I've never had to contact them."

No matter what your investment, it seems, it pays to diversify these days. Says Coho, "Our mission is to discover new markets for current products and develop new products to meet the growing needs of our customers."

Excerpted with permission from the April 2002 issue of Paper, Film, and Foil Converter. Copyright 2002, Primedia Business Magazines & Media Inc. All rights reserved.