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Consistency + Dependability = Treater of Choice

St. Louis, MO-based Central States Products (CSP, Inc.) product domain includes plastics for printing and foils for stamping. From extruded sheets to complete products, Central States Products brings years of experience to quality finished products.

CSP's excellence in the industry has been accompanied by an experienced treater. CSP's first line, purchased in 1971, was supplied with a Pillar Corona Treater, the OEM's choice. The Pillar provided such reliability, according to CSP President, James Fleming, that subsequent purchases have had CSP specifying Pillar as their equipment of choice. Recently, CSP added yet another Pillar Universal Corona treater and 2kW P6000 power supply combination.

As technology changed over the years, CSP wanted to be assured that subsequent treater models would provide the same high-quality performance that they had been used to receiving. Fleming comments, "By working with our Pillar Representatives, we were able to gain a comfort level between us. We were involved with the design that was being sent to our OEMs, as all of our units were customized to fit new sheet lines."

Because the majority of CSP's product is decorated in some way (they print in-house as well), it is critical that treatment levels remain consistent. The Pillar treaters are used to treat both sides of the web on their sheet extrusion lines. "The Pillar units have provided CSP with consistent levels of surface energy across our product range, .010" to .125" in thickness, and up to 60 inches in width," states Fleming.

In addition to the corona treatment equipment present in the plant, CSP utilizes several Pillar Ozone Destruct units, intended to reduce ozone emissions