IntellaDyne™ Series Power Supply

The INTELLADYNE™ generator series is recognized in the surface treatment industry as the premier design power supply for reliability and versaility. This breakthrough compact power supply guarantees an increased level of reliability through its use of a proprietary protection circuit within the inverter and control circuitry. Fit for most all international applications,the generator is versatile enough to accept supply input voltages ranging from 380-515 VAC, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz, without the need of bulky or expensive input transformers.

The INTELLADYNE™ series power supply maintains peak performance by using an advanced level IGBT (Insulated gate bi-polar transistor) that allows for automatic and precise adjustments of load matching into any style electrode or ground roll dielectric material offered in the industry today. Implementation of an extraordinary power measurement circuit guarantees that the power requested is the power delievered, while the feedback circuit maintains constant output power regardless of minor changes in load conditions, temperature and humidity.

Benefits of the INTELLADYNE™
  • CE and ETL certified
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Wide range load matching flexibility
  • Economical compact design
  • Accurate output power
  • Superior load match
  • Digital design
  • High turndown ratio
  • Multiple language menus
  • Metric or US imperial units display
Features of the INTELLADYNE™
  • Digital control
  • Start/stop contactor for safe, dependable operation
  • User-friendly Operator, Supervisor (password protected) and Factory-only menus
  • Full color touch screen as 320X240 pixels with Q-VGA clarity
  • Multiple operational touch screen menus
  • Easy access Help and Information screens
  • Job storage recipe capabilities
  • Digital LED displays Output Power, Voltage, Current and Frequency
  • Diagnostic/interlock menu and “change of event” log
  • Loss of treatment alarm
  • Humidity compensation control

What is Load Matching?

Load matching is the ability of a power supply to provide full output power to various load conditions. Typically, these changes in load are caused by adjusting electrodes to match different treat widths, although changes from one roll covering type to another or to different electrode sizes will also change load conditions.

What is Turn Down Ratio?

Turn down ratio is the ability of a power supply to reduce the output power to the bare minimum and still produce an even corona across the air gap. This is critical when a variety of different materials are to be treated or when proportional speed adjustments are automatically made.

How does this relate to Pillar’s INTELLADYNE™ Series Power Supply?

Pillar’s INTELLADYNE™ has been designed to provide a wide range of flexibility to its user. Putting it in a class of its own, the INTELLADYNE™ load matching ability is capable of providing a range typical of variable frequency power supplies. The INTELLADYNE™ turn down ratio is nequalled by any other high frequency power supply on the market today.

Intelladyne Specifications

HV Output Transformer
(Oil-Filled Type)
Power Input
(Volts AC / Phase)
H/W/D (mm)
5.0 508 647.7 330.2 48 380/515,
50/60 Hz
40 311/317/412
6.0 508 647.7 330.2 48 380/515,
50/60 Hz
40 311/317/412
7.5 508 647.7 330.2 48 380/515,
50/60 Hz
40 311/317/412
8.0 508 647.7 330.2 53 380/515,
50/60 Hz
40 311/317/412
10.0 508 647.7 330.2 53 380/515,
50/60 Hz
40 311/317/412
12.5 508 647.7 330.2 53 380/515
50/60 Hz
57 381/368/413
15.0 508 647.7 330.2 53 380/515,
50/60 Hz
57 381/368/413


Additional Specifications


Wall mounted cabinet with front access door

Power Input

3 80-515 VAC (+/- 10%), 3-phase, 50/60 Hz

Cooling Media

Forced Air

Power Output (kW)

5.0, 6.0, 7.5, 8.0, 10.0, 12.5, 15.0

Power Control

Digital Signal


Advanced Insulated Gate Bi-Polar Transistor (IGBT)

Panel Meter

Full color 320x240 pixels Q-VGA clarity


Touch Screen

Output Transformer

Dielectric Oil-Filled, Natural Convection Cooled

Options Available

  • Watt Density Control
  • Proportional Speed Control
  • Computer Interface
  • Connection Cable Set
  • Safe-T-Flex High Voltage Cable
  • Water Cooling of Power Supply
  • Additional Fan Cooling
  • Power, Frequency, Amps, Volts Data Logging
  • Remote Control Station
  • Remote Operator Panel
  • PLC integration