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InSpec™ Calibration Service

On-Site Surface Treatment System Calibration Service


ITW Pillar Technologies’ InInSpecSpec™ calibration services are performed globally and on-site, offering complete surface treatment equipment testing of the following:


  • Thorough inspection of the entire system installation, including all special wiring requirements such as high voltage wiring, special shielding etc.
  • Thorough inspection of each system component.
  • Test and verification of safety interlock functionality.
  • Confirm proper operation of all ancillary equipment, including nip rolls, high voltage switch boxes, ozone destruct units, etc.
  • Confirm proper operation of all system exhaust and pressure blowers.
  • Inspection of all treater rollers and bearings, electrode pitch and gap, pneumatics.
  • Detailed reporting of inspection checklist items and maintenance recommendations.

Pillar Tech machines

VersaTreat electrodes

segmented electrodes

Covered roll machine

With InInSpecSpec™, we complete all mechanical and electrical calibrations using state-of-the-art equipment. During the calibration process, our technicians will make any necessary adjustments to bring your surface treatment system into proper spec. If more in-depth repairs are needed, or it isn’t possible to perform the calibration on-site, we will provide you with a detailed quote for any necessary work.

When the InInSpecSpec™ calibration is complete, we’ll produce a certificate outlining before and after values, the calibration date and the next service date, contact information for our laboratory and the name of the technician who performed the work, among other relevant information.

Annual InInSpecSpec™ Calibration

Calibration services are available on an annual contract basis, where we can manage your calibration schedules, as well as immediate next-day services, as and when required. Please call your ITW Pillar Representative to schedule this service.

New Systems, Repairs and Parts

Mechanical repairs and adjustments are performed in the field. ITW Pillar Technologies can also provide replacement parts and new systems as required.